Monday, 19 March 2012

What I wore when...

Myself and a good friend of mine decided we needed to be a little more spontaneous! As of lately, it seems being third year fashion students is taking up what seems to be the majority of our time, leaving us very little to actually enjoy ourselves! So we decided to have an impromptu evening out which admittedly would've consisted of excessive alcohol intake, attempting to dance to some great music and undoubtedly a cheeky and very naughty calorific take out of some sort whilst stumbling home at 3AM.
Instead it seemed our need for spontaneity slightly backfired and saw us getting dressed up to find that the night had been 'cancelled' resulting in us sharing a much need bottle of rose in the comfort of my friends room. That'll teach us for trying to be spontaneous...

Custom Levis: Cow Vintage, £22
Blouse: Topshop, £36
Wedges, Topshop, £70
Clutch, Urban Outfitters, £20

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