About Alice.

Alice is my Alter ego.
My real name is actually Amanda Betts.
A friend of mine once nicknamed me 'Alice' in reference to Alice in Wonderland and it stuck, hence the beginnings of 'The wonder's of Alice'.

I was created on the (unlucky for some) 13th December 1989, which makes me 22 years old.

The daughter of a machinest and refrigeration engineer and sister to two fabulous full time mother's thus making me Auntie to a collective 5 nieces and nephews.

I've always tottered around in the highest of heels since I could walk and shopped above my income since I knew credit cards existed. 

I'm a keen fashion enthusiast and like to think I have a great eye for creativity and style.
My dreams are to be a future stylist once graduated from University or to work within the Fashion PR industry.

I have the drive and ambition to follow my dreams which see me working comfortably within the fashion industry. My passion is endearing which leads me to never doubting myself. I'm courageous so will go out and get what I want. I' don't want a meal ticket, I'll work hard to get me where I want to be. 

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